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Sally Gaden
Sally grew up in the farming community of rural West Devon. She completed a BA(hons) in Graphic Design in Bath and practised Illustration and then gained a Certificate of Further Education whilst teaching at City of Bath College.

Sally works to commission across the areas of drawing and Illustration, Printmaking and Photography. A continuing theme running through her personal work is ‘The Rural Idyll’ and much of the stimulus for this stems from her agricultural background and first hand experience.

Artist’s Statement - The Rural Idyll
Through a variety of drawn, photographic and printmaking processes, Sally records the people and places close to her heart. These images may on the face of it, embody the mythical image of the landscape as a timeless notion of the rural idyll but they also show elements of reality and modernisation. She attempts to show that whilst the camera never lies, things are not always what they seem as composition and focus can influence perception. As well as the beauty and cruelty of nature, seasons and life cycles, Sally is fascinated by myth and reality. She records and interprets this juxtaposition and man’s influence upon the scene. By freezing the moment, specific chosen elements are displayed, evoking a personal story.

2006 The Red House, Exeter
2005 Summer Printmaking Exhibition - RWA, Bristol
2003 Sally Gaden - Rural Ideology, Myth, Reality, RUH, Bath
2003 Sally Gaden and Kelly Gummerson - The Bay Tree Gallery, Bradford on Avon
2002 Talent 2002 - The Citadel Gallery, Chippenham
2002 Sally Gaden - Plough Arts Centre, Torrington
2001 Christmas Show - Hot Bath Gallery, Bath
2001 Apples of Gold - BRSLI, Bath
2001 Sally Gaden - Combe Down, Bath
2001 Sally Gaden - Beaten Track, Chippenham
2000 Christmas Show - Hot Bath Gallery, Bath
2000 All Angles - BRSLI, Bath
2000 Fringe Art Fair, Bath
1999 Christmas Show - Hot Bath Gallery, Bath
1999 Fringe Art Fair, Bath
1998 Christmas Show - Hot Bath Gallery, Bath
1998 Sally Gaden and Felicity Keefe - Ariel Centre, Totnes
1998 Feasting the Eye - BRSLI, Byte Festival, Bath
1998 Fringe Art Fair, Bath
1998 Horse - Stroud House Gallery, Stroud
1997 Christmas Show - Hot Bath Gallery, Bath
1997 Cooking the Books - Byte Festival, Bath
1997 Mirror Image, Bath
1997 Fringe Art Fair, Bath
1996 Holbrooke House, Wincanton
1995 Artist as Teacher111 - Hot Bath Gallery, Bath
1994 Women Light up the Night - Berlin
1993 13th Cadaques International Miniprint - Adogi Taller Galleria Fort, Barcelona
1992 City of Bath Printmakers - Victoria Gallery, Bath

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